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Construction Engineering & Inspection

1836 provides a comprehensive approach to construction management and inspection services. Our staff is highly qualified and focused on providing clients with quality and cost-effective construction services.  

Our construction services include: 

Geotechnical Engineering & Material Testing

Our team has a deep understanding of materials and how they are intended to perform. We ensure materials perform as intended during and post-construction. We can provide field sampling and testing of material delivered or placed on the project site. All of our technicians are TxDOT, ACI, or TxAPA certified.

We can provide the following: 

Independent Quality Firm (IQF)
Owner Verification (OV)

Having 1836 as your dedicated engineering and quality construction team ensures constructing a safe, durable project to meet the performance and quality requirements. We can provide our clients independent quality assurance of materials and workmanship incorporated into any highway construction project. We have the experience of working for contractors, developers, and owners – so we will work as a true partner throughout the process.

As an Independent Quality Firm, we can provide: